Houdini 15 Crowds Masterclass

This masterclass provides an overview of several new features and improvements for crowd simulations in Houdini 15. This includes: tools for creating additional layers for an agent, rag doll simulations, material stylesheets, and many workflow improvements.   Project files for this lesson are available at: bit.ly/1VJ3ZfQ


Houdini 15 Distributed Simulations Masterclass

Houdini has supported distributed solvers since Houdini 10. This masterclass provides an overview of the current state of these solvers; including the new support for resizing smoke simulations and water tanks in Houdini 15. The first half demonstrates the setup of a variety of distributed effects using shelf tools and HQueue. The final bit dives into technicality and builds a new distributed setup via micro-solvers and manually invokes the tracker. Project files are available at: bit.ly/1IY48Vz