Intro to Vops

Intro to Houdini VOPS by Adam Swaab

If you’ve been wanting to get a better handle of VOPs in Houdini then the time has come! Adam Swaab is back with all new training devoted to VOPs. Eighteen chapters to get you up to speed with one of Houdini’s most powerful features. He even throws in some VEX to wet your appetite.

This tutorial goes through the ins and outs of VOPS, going through many short examples to get you ready to harness the full power of VOPS. We also do a quick intro to pure coding in vex, as vex is the underlying language of VOPS.

In the final chapter, we show how to create our version of a polygon effector, similar to one you may see in Cinema 4D.

I’ve seen some of Adam’s other Houdini training series and they are top quality. I’m sure this will be no different. Head on over to Cinema 4D Guru Tim Clapham’s HelloLuxx shop and get your training on. I know I’ll be picking up the training for sure!

Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Vol. 7 – Intro to VOPS


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