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Redo Node Operations in Houdini Revisited

Well, this is embarrassing. Another one of those, staring you right in the face type of things. Or when you have a hammer, you want to nail stuff. Remember our last #QuickTip and how we did this little process to reselect or redo the operation on an node? Well, that is still valid for certain nodes, however there is a better way to achieve the same. Waaaay better.

woman walking in shame

The Little Arrow

You may have thought that redoing an operation on a node was rather cumbersome. Agree, not the most straight forward way of doing it. Have a look at the following image and see if you notice anything in particular.

Houdini interface
Find it yet?


Yes, that is correct. The selection arrow that I was too blind to see. Next time you need to reselect or redo an operation, just click that little friendly arrow and redo. That simple. There are some nodes that still don’t have it for one reason or another so you may have to resort to the previous method but it seems this is what the cool kids are doing now. Wow! I still can’t believe I missed it.

Houdini Interface
Redo Node Operations in Houdini Revisited


I could have sworn that option wasn’t there before but why try to make up excuses. That’s what you get when you are too busy watching the season finale of The Greatest American Hero.




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