Houdini Engine 2 Thin Client Masterclass

This masterclass describes a new RPC feature introduced in Houdini Engine 2.0, called Thin Client. Thin Client extends the reach of Houdini Engine by moving Houdini simulations to a separate server process and helps to solve dependency problems, utilize multiple concurrent Houdini simulations, distribute computations on the network and integrate Houdini Engine with hosts on a wider variety of platforms.


Houdini 15 Crowds Masterclass

This masterclass provides an overview of several new features and improvements for crowd simulations in Houdini 15. This includes: tools for creating additional layers for an agent, rag doll simulations, material stylesheets, and many workflow improvements.   Project files for this lesson are available at: bit.ly/1VJ3ZfQ


Houdini 15 Distributed Simulations Masterclass

Houdini has supported distributed solvers since Houdini 10. This masterclass provides an overview of the current state of these solvers; including the new support for resizing smoke simulations and water tanks in Houdini 15. The first half demonstrates the setup of a variety of distributed effects using shelf tools and HQueue. The final bit dives into technicality and builds a new distributed setup via micro-solvers and manually invokes the tracker. Project files are available at: bit.ly/1IY48Vz

Houdini 15 Rendering Masterclass

Houdini 15 Masterclass: Mantra Rendering and Texture Baking

Here is another great Masterclass from Side Effects getting into all things technical with Houdini’s native renderer Mantra. Houdini 15 introduces many enhancements to the Mantra renderer, adding exciting new features and building on existing strengths. New features include quality metrics, adaptive sampling, texture & surface baking and render check-pointing. This class provides a mix of the theory behind the new features and practical techniques to help get you started using them in production. Sample files for this masterclass: bit.ly/1Gtfi92